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DICOM RT tool for everyday routine


RTmedes is a brand new toolset for browsing your DICOM RT data collection. Feel free to install it and use immediately.

RT Plan Gallery

A unique view of DICOM RT plans.
See plans the same way as your photo gallery.
It does not matter where the data is - local disk, removable storage or network location. The list is always up to date.

Browse from Windows Explorer

Use RTmedes directly from Windows Explorer.
Right-click any folder or drive and select 'Scan with RTmedes'. Selected folder will be shown in RTmedes instead of the pre-configured gallery.

Type to search

It is extremely easy to search by patient name or ID - just start typing.
The gallery is filtered automaticaly.

Export related data

All plan-related data (structure set, image sets, RT doses) are automatically included with the plan.

RT Plan details

View plan details even before openning.
See the approval status,
whether dose is calculated,
structure set is present,
image data is available.

See the plan

No waiting - open the plan and view plan images, ROIs and the dose distribution, if available.

Image tools

Basic image tools are available, of course.
Easily adjust window level and width,
zoom and pan.

Inspect ROIs

ROIs from the Structure set associated with the plan are available.
You can easily show or hide them as you wish.

View dose

The dose can be displayed as isolines or as a color overlay on the images.

Live isodose

Simply move the mouse over an image -
the dose value at the current point
and corresponding isodose is shown.

Inspect DVH

All calculated DVHs are presented in relative scale. Inspect dose, relative and absolute volume in any point of DVH to review dose distribution. Absolute volume axis is displayed for inspected DVH.

RTmedes server-client

Immediately access the content of the folders already parsed by server. Use RTmedes client to search, select, export, view images or inspect plan related data with full feature functionality.

Be up-to-date

Web installation kit takes care of automatic updates when the new version appears.
New version is checked for in background and you are notified on application launch if the update is available.

Remember gallery content

Launch RTmedes and see the content of your folders right away - exactly as it was last time.
The content of the folders will then be checked for changes and the gallery will be updated.

More features in development

RTmedes is yet to be at its best.
We are working hard to introduce functionality needed most in the daily workflow - connecting to PACS servers and DICOM archives, and applying DVH limits - new features are coming in the near future.

Download RTmedes

You can download a trial version of RTmedes for free.

Online installer

Download and install on this computer

Stand-alone installer

Install on another computer, or if the online installation does not work on this computer

The application runs on Windows™ 7, 8 or 10.

Contact us

We will happily listen to your feedback and suggestions! Send us an email to