How do I install RTmedes on a computer which is not connected to internet?

Standard RTmedes installation connects to internet and downloads all components which are needed for RTmedes to run. For computers where internet access is not available, and computers where the online installation does not work for other reasons (being behind a proxy server is a typical cause), you need to download stand-alone installation package as well as all necessary prerequisites, transfer them to the computer where you'd like to install RTmedes and install them manually.

  1. To download all the necessary packages, please visit our stand-alone download page.
  2. Transfer the necessary installation packages to the computer, then install the prerequisites: .NET Framework, SQL Server LocalDb and Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio.
  3. Once the prerequisites are installed, run the RTmedes installation package.

How do I use license on a computer which is not connected to internet?

After you request a trial license, you receive an activation key which can be used on a single computer. When the key is used in RTmedes, its validity is checked online and from that moment on it is bound to that computer.

If the computer is offline or behind a proxy server, online validation cannot be performed and RTmedes offers the option to activate the license manually. To perform the manual license validation:

  1. Enter the activation key in the RTmedes' license windows.
  2. Click 'Validate'. RTmedes recognizes that the online validation is not possible and offers the possibility to activate offline.
  3. Select the option "If this computer is not connected to internet please click here".
  4. Copy the activation key (which you received from us) and hardware ID (provided by RTmedes) and enter them on our license activation web page.
  5. Copy the resulting computer key back into RTmedes and click OK.

RTmedes can be used from that moment on until the license expires.

How do I install RTmedes on Windows Server operating system?

Due to enhanced security in Windows Server, the online installation is not possible; you need to perform the installation manually. Please see the answer to question "How do I install RTmedes on a computer which is not connected to internet?" for more details.

Can RTmedes be installed on Windows 7 system without a Service pack?

Yes. We do recommend installing at least Service Pack 1, but in case you need to run RTmedes on clean Windows 7 operating system, just run the installation. The pre-requisites get installed and the installation will not continue after that. You have to manually restart the computer and start the installation again. This time RTmedes installs correctly.

Which prerequisites are needed and why?

RTmedes needs several components to run well. These components are installed automatically by online installer; however, if the online installation is not possible for any reason, they may need to be installed manually.

  • .NET Framework 4.5.2

    .NET framework is the basic component used by RTmedes and is necessary for RTmedes to run. This version of .NET framework is automatically available on Windows 10. On Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows 8 and 8.1, .NET framework 4.5.2 needs to be installed.

  • Redistributable packages for Visual Studio 2013

    This component is not necessary for RTmedes to run, however, it is needed for viewing DICOM images which use JPEG2000 lossless compression.

  • Microsoft SQL Server LocalDb (version 2014 or 2016)

    RTmedes uses Microsoft SQL server to store the data which are gathered while parsing DICOM files. On subsequent launches of RTmedes, the initial display of the list of RT Plans is substantially quicker.


How to contact us if you have any questions?

If you have any questions or suggestions, or experience any problems, please contact us by email at